Hello loves,

welcome to my art project: In Loveland. In Loveland is an interactive website-story with some explicit content that I am sharing with you.

The words you are reading are reflections which helped me in times when I was dealing with depressive periods or incidents in life that I, at first glance, didn’t know how to handle other than going through it and afterwards process it in words. Easy to say: It’s my life story of the past six years.

However, it’s in no way an explanation how to deal with loss of hope, life-lust etc. I am also in no way subtly searching for help, as I see life now from an optimistic point of view, which has not always been like that (Chapter 4: Beginning) which also explains why my poetry can sound violent, heavy, dark and hateful.

For a better understanding and for aesthetic reasons heaviness/vibes of articles are marked red for love/depression, white for fear, black for self-destruction, blue for epiphanies and lavender for easiness.

So, again, consume my words thoughtful and with a distant, reflecting eye.

Considering the timing and navigation of the chapters you have to read it from up down, except in chapter three.

Due to technicalities sometimes the navigation will push you out of a chapter, but I am sure that you find your way back. You will see in which chapter you are by checking the articles description “Kategorie“. Don’t get discouraged by the chaos, it’s meant to be messy.

Welcome to the matrix, enjoy the story and see you on the other side! <3