Hello loves,

my name is Evelin and I have a lot of feelings. In the next upcoming weeks I will share articles with you that I wrote from last years September until now. I created this project to share my emotions with you, for us to be more sensitive and aware of our feelings in this world. Sometimes it might even seem as if I have too much to say.

We live in an age where conversations about mental health have reached their peek and creative channels are overflooding with articles about emotional awareness, whilst actually missing personal and raw depicted analyses of where and when something could’ve gone better or should’ve been said in a nicer way just for us all to feel well. Besides artists, whom I can identify with, I was missing someone who’d vulnerably share their experiences and observations in tiny pieces so I started doing it myself.

Thesocialconsumer is a website made for people who want to experience what’s going on in another persons head. It’s a website for people to step into the role as an actor and as the one interacting with someone. Who knows? Some day I might even write about you. And some day you will see human interaction as something deeply emotional coming from within. At least that’s what my twenty years of life have felt like.

We consume to feel better.*

That’s why when consuming my words I send reflections of yourself back to you for you to feel better and progress in a beautiful way. I contextualize it. We consume many things throughout the day so let us all consume socially.

1st May 2020